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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mrs Sulistyowati,S.Pd and this is my blog. Please read it and you will get knowledge about English Language.!!

informasi terbaru

Please read my blog

Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011


To express preference we can use the following patterns :
1. Subject + Like + noun + Better than + Noun
example : I like badminton better than tennis.
Widya likes fried chicken better than steak.
2. Subject + like + Ving + better than + Ving
example : I like cycling better than singing.
Shane likes reading better than writing.
3. Subject + Prefer + Noun + to + Noun
example : Lola prefers Mathematics to English.
Thomas and Peter prefer GIGI to UNGU.
4. Subject + prefer + Ving + to + Ving
example : Hans prefers watching television to reading newspaper.
They prefer going by plane to train.
5. Subject + would rather + infinitive + than + infinitive
example : I would rather study than cook in the kitchen.
She would rather save her money in the bank than keep them at home.
complete the sentences with the right pattern.
1. Mona likes meatball..............noodle.
2. Laura......sewing her clothes by herself to buying them. It's more economical
3. Elmo would rather play football match.
4. the task in group it individually.
5. Mr Jack ..............teach his students outdoor than in the class.
6. Mrs. by gas kerosene stove.
complete the sentences with the right verbs.
1. A wild animal the jungle to the zoo.
2. I like........a song better than......a music.
3. Dorothy would rather......History than..............Geography.
4. Miss. Monalisa her office to the home.
5. My little sister likes.......a doll better than a piano.
6. Axel prefers..........mineral water to soft drink.

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