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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mrs Sulistyowati,S.Pd and this is my blog. Please read it and you will get knowledge about English Language.!!

informasi terbaru

Please read my blog

Kamis, 29 September 2011

Functional Text

Functional text is a text used for specific purpose. 
There many kinds of functional text , such as: 
1. Notice : written/ printed news/ information for public. 
2. Procedure : to describe how something is done through some steps.      Generic part :a. Aim/purpose,b. Materials,c. Step 
 Language feature : a. Present Tense, b. Imperative 
3. Announcement : a text used to inform the reader about recent event.
 4. Advertisement : a text used to persuade people to do something.
 Example : vacancy,brochure 
5. Brochure/Pamphlet : A text used to give details of a service. 
6. Memo : a short message used to inform someone about something or ask someone to do something. 
 Generic part : a. Opening segment, b. Purpose, c. Closing segment

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