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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mrs Sulistyowati,S.Pd and this is my blog. Please read it and you will get knowledge about English Language.!!

informasi terbaru

Please read my blog

Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Expressions in Telephoning

* Hello
* May I speak to John, please?
* Could I speak to John, please?
* Can I speak to John, please?
* Wait a moment.
* Who's speaking?
* The line is busy.
* You dialed the wrong number. 
* Who do you want to talk to?
* Who would you like to talk to?
* Who do you wish to speak to?
* Who's calling?
* Hold the line, please.
* Just a moment, please.
* Just a second, please.
* Please hold on.
* Please hang on a second.
* Hold on.
* He's not in right now. Can I take a message?
* Mr. Lee is busy right now. Would you like to leave a message?
* Please ask him to call me back. He has my number.
* I'll call back later.
* I'll try him again later.
* I'll call him again tomorrow.
* I'll give him a call next week.

For the examination Class 8 a,b,c.
Please send me short messages in English (using English language)! It is the daily test for unit 7. I give you one week to do it.

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